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Plumbing Installation in London Ontario

At Finan Home Service we are prepared take on even your toughest plumbing repairs and installations with our team of licensed plumbers.

Whether it is a fixture installation or leak repair our residential plumbing team can help.

At Finan Home Service, we believe in taking the necessary time to understand your situation thoroughly so that you get what you want and we don’t miss any important safety hazards in your home.

We help clients by solving immediate “break fix” problems or by providing quotations for future work that involve heating & cooling, electrical, electrical compliance certificate, plumbing, and service plans.

We also believe in providing prices for our products and services up-front, so that you, the homeowner, understand what’s involved before we get started.

Firm Quotation for All Future Work

Many problems we are asked to quote on are non-emergencies or the work cannot be completed at the time of our service call.

Some examples of non-emergency work include:

In these situations we are happy to send a Comfort Advisor to your home at no cost (in most cases) and they will take the time to learn your situation and make recommendations with firm prices for the repairs.

These appointments can be booked to suit your schedule in most cases. Our Client Service Representative will be happy to book a convenient time for you.

Toilet Installation

Expires 12/31/2018


Questions about installing household plumbing?

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Schedule an in-home consultation with a Finan comfort advisor.  

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